CCJ Loans

After the banking crisis, lenders have significantly reined in their lending practices. It has become increasingly difficult to get loans in this current climate especially for those that have a CCJ or bad credit history counting against them. Most lenders when making a decision to approve a loan will look at the individual’s credit history file. If a CCJ shows up on the file, you might be considered a risky customer to lend too. However, some lenders do offer unsecured and secured loans to those that have a CCJ issued against them or have a bad credit history file. These lenders may be specialists in lending to people with bad credit. These companies may charge a higher rate of interest, but this will depend on various factors such as how much you intend to borrow and for how long.

You can apply for an unsecured loan via this website if you have a CCJ or bad credit. If you are not a homeowner, you can still apply for a CCJ loan.

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