Debit Card Loans

A payday loan with your debit card could not be any easier.

If you find yourself a little short of cash before payday because of life’s little emergencies, or you’ve seen something you must have now and your pay packet is not due yet, then a debit card loan that is put into your debit account may be the answer for you. Please ensure you consider all the alternatives before taking out a debit card loan. This type of a loan is an unsecured loan and should only be taken out if you are able to pay it back in a short timescale.

The criteria to apply for a payday loan / debit card loan is simple, you must be over 18, in full time employment, your wages paid into your bank account, have a debit card for the same bank account and lastly, you must be a resident of England or Wales. Please note that the account must be active.

You can apply using our simple online application form which can be accessed by the apply link at the top of the page and get cash in your debit account the same day.

Repayment for your loan is taken from your debit account on your next payday.